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Available for: iOS, Android     Genre: Racing/Dating

Drift Girls is a free to play mobile game that combines the mechanics of an arcade racer with those of a dating sim. The focus of the game is on picking up girls using your driving skills and impressing them on dates.


In Drift Girls you play as a drift racer who is getting back into racing after losing confidence on the professional circuit. Through racing you meet a variety of girls who, if you impress, you can date and take with you on races. The story is broken into individual Episodes which themselves are broken up into races. Every episode holds opportunities for earning new items, boosting your car stats and gaining new phone numbers.

Drift Girls episode menu

The Drift Girls Episode Menu


The racing in Drift Girls is very straightforward and focuses on timing. For some the simplistic nature will come as a relief but hardcore racing fans are bound to feel unsatisfied. At the start of a race you have to time your revs to try and achieve a perfect start. From there, you tap and hold buttons on the left and right of the screen as you enter drifts. You must then release the button at the correct time as you exit the drifts. Each time you enter and exit a drift you get a different rating ranging from Miss all the way up to Crazy. The more positive ratings you get, the better you will perform in the race. Whilst simple to pick up and fun at first, the racing side of the game doesn’t progress much which means you’ll probably get bored of it quite quickly. You’ll probably want to turn the volume off too as the orgasmic noises your passengers make can really grate.

Car Stats

Your car stats heavily influence how well you can do on a race as even with perfect racing skills it’s difficult to beat more powerful cars. Each car can be leveled to a max level of 10 by sacrificing other cars. In addition to this, racing in a car increases its mastery which improves overall performance (this has a cap too). Every car has a star rating between 1 and 6, this is separate to car levels so a level 5 1-star car will be worse than a level 1 3-star car, for example. You’ll need a car with a high star rating for the later levels in the game. Cars can also be fitted with parts which can improve stats such as speed and acceleration.

The Drift Girls Garage menu

The Garage menu showing car stats


The dating side of the game sees the player dating women to improve relationship stats which can unlock gameplay advantages such as improved racing stats. Improved relationships with women also allows the player to dress women up in sexy outfits and even touch them up on the home screen. Such elements will undoubtedly appeal to some people whilst understandably offending others. Like cars, women also have star ratings so the game encourages you to move on from one girl to the next. It’s fair to say that women are massively objectified in Drift Girls.

Drift Girls date scene

Sui goes on a date in a catsuit…

The dates themselves are pretty dull and player input is minimal. Usually you just take your date to a chosen location and read through some dialogue. Occasionally you have to make choices which will probably be outright guesses in most cases. You can also buy your dates gifts which make them like you more (yes, you can pretty much buy love in this game). On the plus side a lot of the dialogue is voiced and the girls have a lot of character even if it’s largely exaggerated in some cases.

In-App Purchases

Being a free to play game, Drift Girls naturally comes with in-app purchases. It does a good job, however, of letting you get a lot out of the game without the need to spend a penny. There are two main currencies in the game, coins and cash, and most activities (except racing which requires fuel) require one or the other. For example upgrading your car and going on dates costs coins whilst increasing a car’s mastery cap or buying items from the game’s shop costs cash. You can of course buy cash for real money if you want to give yourself an advantage. One frustrating thing about purchasing from the shop is that a lot of what you can buy are boxes where the contents of what you get is pulled randomly from a selection which means you cannot always guarantee you’ll get what you want.

The Drift Girls Shop

You can buy in game Cash for real money

Progression is quite fast at the start of the game whereas the later stages require much more grinding and may tempt you into shelling out for some extra cash from the shop.

Additional Modes

On top of the story mode and the dating, the game includes some other features including online challenges where you compete against other players’ times and Events Races where you take part in new, challenging scenarios. These challenges make a great addition to the game and can be a good way to earn some extra cash, coins and other rewards if you have the time to invest in them.

The Drift Girls Event Race menu

Summary – Shameless Fun

If you can get over the shallow nature of Drifts Girls, there’s actually a fun and addictive game to play beneath the surface. Whilst there isn’t a great amount of depth to the racing or dating gameplay, there is a good attention to detail in the car and stats development and there’s plenty of modes to get your teeth stuck into.

Drift Girls Review Score - 3 out of 5

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