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Available for: iOS, Android     Genre: Endless Faller

Stuntman Stuart is a game where you repeatedly fall to your death. Think that sounds fun? Trust me, it’s not. Find out why in my review below.


Stuntman Stuart is looking to make some money by falling from a building for a film. Unfortunately the fall is littered with hazards that cause his inevitable, gruesome death.

Free Fallin’

The gameplay of Stuntman Stuart is very straightforward. You’re constantly falling and have to tap the left and right hand sides of the screens to dodge ledges, signs and flagpoles. Hitting any of the obstacles results in an instant death. All the time you fall you earn dollars (i.e. your score). You can speed up how quickly you fall by pressing the bottom of the screen and releasing to slow down again. Falling faster earns you points more quickly.

When you die, a director and a crash mat appear at the bottom of the screen. They’re not actually possible to reach, they just seem to be there to taunt you.

Die, Die & Die Again

Stuntman Stuart is a very frustrating game. Your points add up very slowly when falling at normal speed and soaring for any longer than a second or two almost always results in your death. This means that you can either play in a slow and boring manner or gamble on speeding up which often just gets you killed. Stuart’s sideways movements feel quite clunky and I even noticed a few times when he should have moved but didn’t. Worst of all, though, is that it takes about 10 seconds for the game to let you start again after you’ve died. Considering that on many goes you can easily be dead within 20 seconds, this is far too long.

No In-App Purchases

Whilst I didn’t enjoy playing Stuntman Stuart at all, I can’t complain at its cost. It’s completely free of charge and has no ads or in-app purchases. There’s just an option to donate if you fancy giving something back to the developers.

Summary – Simple Mechanics Done Badly

There isn’t very much to Stuntman Stuart and what it does offer is annoying. Unless you fancy punishing yourself, avoid this one.

Stuntman Stuart Review Score - 1 out of 5

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