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Available for: iOS, Android     Genre: Swinger/Endless Swinger

After first being released in 2010 for iOS devices, Super QuickHook has been a long time coming for Android users. This swinging platformer was originally very well received but is it still worth playing now? Find out in our full review below.


Super QuickHook begins with you playing as Jakob, a food-loving adventurer who stumbles upon a grappling hook and a pair of rocketboots . The grappling hook allows you to swing from surfaces whilst the rocketboots propel you up and forwards with a boost. You use your new tools to traverse a good range of environments including mountains, meadows, caves and volcanic regions whilst unlocking new characters, upgrades and tools along the way.

Super QuickHook - Swinging with the grappling hook

Swingin’ Ain’t Easy

The goal of each level of Super QuickHook is to reach the end. You earn a score based on how quickly you complete the level and how many coins you collect on the way. Thankfully checkpoints scattered throughout each level mean that you don’t need to start over completely when you inevitably plummet to your death. Each level has 3 bonus goals: Collect All Coins, Find All Secrets (interesting artifacts, wildlife and other interesting objects hidden in hard to reach places) & Beat Developer Score. These give you an incentive to replay each level and hone your swinging skills.

Whilst the game starts out relatively easy with plenty of ground to save you from death, the difficulty ramps up to give you a high level of challenge as you progress. You’ll need quick reflexes and a good familiarity with the levels to get through the later stages of the game. Some people may find the required trial and error frustrating but the satisfaction of finally nailing a level makes it worthwhile.

Super QuickHook Level Goals

Endless Modes & Upgrades

In addition to the normal levels, the game also offers two randomly-generated endless modes where you swing to escape from an avalanche and an eruption. Your score is determined by how far you travel and how many coins you manage to collect along the way. These make for nice additions for testing your skills.

There’s loads to unlock in Super QuickHook. Using the money you’ve earned through completing levels and challenges you can buy new hooks, characters, clothing and accessories. Talents including your rocket boost, running speed and wall-breaking can all be upgraded which can help you out when going back to a level to earn a higher score or to find a new secret.

Super QuickHook Endless Mode

Stealing Food & Burning to Death

Super QuickHook has a great sense of humour. With the protagonist’s insatiable desire for food, comical items of clothing to unlock and bizarre locals in the inn to chat to, there’s plenty of quirky details that are bound to make you smile. Even the achievements are light-hearted and funny. I unlocked one for face-planting walls, one for burning to death in magma and one for stealing ice cream from a demon.

Super QuickHook Demonic Ice Cream Achievement

Summary – A Fun Challenge

Super QuickHook offers fun and challenging gameplay, a nice variety of levels and a good sense of humour. The challenges later in the game may not be for everyone but I’d still strongly recommend that both Android and iOS gamers give this a go.

Super QuickHook Review Score - 4 out of 5

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